Innovate Motorsports MTX-D: Ethanol Content Percent and Fuel Temp Complete Gauge

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This is the Innovate Motorsports Ethanol Content Percent and Fuel Temperature Gauge.  Thank goodness for Innovate Motorsports to create a critical product for those of you who run E-85 on a regular basis. E-85 does allow users to run more boost which creates more power and shares the same characteristics as race fuel without the inherent expensive costs.

However, most users don’t realize that the ethanol percentage is never consistent, and some gas stations use winter blends, summer blends, or blends that don’t have a high percentage in ethanol. This will result in blown up motors if you’re blindly filling up at the gas station, not knowing the exact contents of your fuel mixture.

Now you can eliminate the chemistry testing and have real-time monitoring with the MTX-D gauge.

Included with the 3904 MTD-D Ethanol Content Percentage and Fuel Temperature Kit is the gauge with the black bezel and black face. However a silver bezel and white face plate will be included in case you prefer a different look. An Ethanol Content Sensor, the gauge harness and serial program cable, as well as an installation guide. 



Brand: Innovate Motorsports
Gauge Backlight Color: White
Gauge Face Color: Black/White
Gauge Needle Color: Multi Color Sweeping LED
Gauge Range: 40 - 257 F / 0 - 100%
Gauge Sending Unit: Electrical
Gauge Size: 52mm
Gauge Type: Fuel Temp / Ethanol Percentage
Requires Control Unit: No
Units: Imperial

Mfgr. Warranty: Gauge: 1 Year Limited / Sensor: No Warranty
All new Innovate products carry a one year warranty from the date of purchase. For a warranty claim to be processed a legible proof of purchase "invoice", must be included to verify the date purchased. If proof of purchase cannot be provided, warranty will be determined by date of manufacture based on the serial number. Whether you are returning the product for repair or refund, you are responsible for all shipping charges in returning your product to Innovate even if the product is under warranty. Oxygen Sensors are excluded from this warranty. When Warranty is Void This warranty shall terminate and Innovate shall have no obligation pursuant to it if (i) your Innovate product has been modified or repaired in a manner not previously authorized by Innovate in writing, (ii) the identification markings on your Innovate product have been removed, defaced, or altered; (iii) your Innovate product was subjected to accident, abuse, shipping damage, or improper use; (iv) your Innovate product was not used or configured as specified in the product manual; (v) your Innovate product was subjected to operating conditions more severe than those specified in the product manual; (vi) or proof of purchase is not provided and unit’s serial number has been removed.