Fabspeed 2009+ BMW E70 X5M Supercup Exhaust System with Quad Style Tips

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Replaces the heavy factory mufflers and tips with lightweight free-flowing straight-through pipes for increased power and sound; available with polished chrome or black chrome Deluxe Quad-Style Tips                                                                     



  • Fits all BMW X5M (E70) vehicles
  • Adds an aggressive throaty exhaust note
  • Improves power and throttle response by maximizing the exhaust flow
  • Straight-through tubing design maximizes flow with better results than other exhaust offerings on the market
  • Simple DIY slip-on installation; no welding required
  • All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Limited Warranty
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Fabspeed Motorsport has always offered an industry leading limited lifetime warranty to original product purchasers, but now it's one of a kind. We are very pleased to announce that Fabspeed's warranty is now transferable to secondary and all subsequent owners of Fabspeed exhaust systems and components. This unprecedented change in policy came from feedback received in the exotic car community and we are excited to implement. We have always backed products for original owners, but now we're proud to extend the same support to all. This warranty transfer opportunity sets Fabspeed far above ANY other aftermarket company. NO other company or manufacturer of exhaust components for exotic cars stands behind it’s product line like Fabspeed. Compare our warranty to some other industry leaders.

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